Ready for more EKG's?
Wanna drill down on a topic and dig deeper? 

Here are 6 Mini Workshops to help you feel more comfortable and confident with EKG's and cardiac pharmacology. Designed to complete at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.  From EKG hacks, to ACS, to Challenging ER Cases, there is a "Mini Workshop" for each!

I'm excited to continue to be a part of your EKG education journey as your professional coach and mentor! Let's conquer cardiology, together!

-Jennifer Carlquist, PA-C
Mini Workshops: only $9.99 each!

Clinically relevant info. No FLUFF!

12 Lead Made Easy Workshop

This is a one-hour basic 12 lead review. Review normal cardiac conduction, normal EKGs, normal intervals and wave morphology, and some basic rhythm interpretation.
Learn how to assess heart rate using the EKG and just a rhythm strip and how to trouble-shoot the EKG (artifact and 60 cycle interference). The PQRST model of EKG interpretation will be discussed.
Basic Rhythms Workshop
This is a 2 hour review of Basic Rhythm recognition course. We will start with wave identification, cover basic arrhythmias and heart blocks. *(Bonus live strip interpretation). 

Behind the Scenes of Your Cardiology Consult Workshop
Have you ever wondered what happens when you refer a patient to cardiology? What are we really thinking when you send over that resistant hypertension patient?
(It's not what you think!) We will also discuss:

1. What nonspecific T wave changes and when are they important
2. How to start the work up on a patient with palpitations and what to do when treatment fails
3. What can we do about syncope? What is that thing you put in my patient's chest?
4. What about the new phone apps? Are they any good?
Cardiac Mixology Workshop
This lecture is filled with useful tips on how to treat AFIB including a review of AFIB and the medications used. There is also a handy link to the most updated CHADs Vasc Score.
​You'll also review the CHF Margarita and how to "season to taste", learn why Omeprazole is not optimal in cardiac patients who have had stents and what other drug to use instead, and why we often "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" when it comes to the kidney and the heart in CHF.
Pacemackers ICDs Workshop
1. Participants will learn what types of pacemakers are on the market and their function
2. Participants will also learn how to troubleshoot pacemaker malfunction from the EKG strip
3. A unique look at the behind the scenes information that the pacemaker can provide the clinician about their cardiac status
4. Loop recorders and what patients may benefit from them  
Afib Masterclass
Do you feel comfortable prescribing anticoagulants when someone comes in with new onset Afib?

Do you know how to start up the work for Afib while the patient waits for their appointment with cardiology? Do you know who needs an anticoagulant to prevent stroke while they wait for their cardiology appointment?

If you need a refresher on the anticoagulants and Afib in general, consider joining me in their one hour Afib Masterclass. This is a deep dive into Afib where we will also cover: 
1. Who is at risk? 
2. What are the clues that can predict someone going into AF? 
3. How do we know if someone needs to be on anticoagulants? 
4. What medications do we use to control AFib? 
5. What are the surgical options for AF? 
6. Which blood thinner is safest? Which one works the best?
7. "Novel Anticoagulants" and when to use them.
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